Last year we noted that the strength of the US$ was making Canadian and European equity destination clubs much cheaper for US$ investors. The recent Brexit vote has caused the pound to plunge to its lowest level against the US$ for 30 years, making UK based clubs even better value.

London, like Manhattan, is one of the hottest property markets in the world. Rocksure’s London Fund provides an opportunity to invest a comparatively small amount of capital in a portfolio of four spacious and luxurious 2-bedroom/ 2-bathroom apartments in Central London. Investors are then able to use their choice of the properties for a number of nights each year, depending on the level of investment. Early investors can choose to subscribe for potential capital appreciation only, if they wish.

"This is good news for new investors in Rocksure’s London Fund", said Rocksure CEO David Rogers "since a Premium Unit of investment at the discounted price of GBP 230,000 would now cost just US$ 300,000 (approx.) . Half and Three-Quarter Premium Units are also available at pro rata prices. Those who have been contemplating an investment in the Fund should seriously consider buying the necessary sterling now."

Added Rogers: "those able to act quickly and secure Premium shares also have the option to invest for capital gain only, receiving an 85% discount on the annual dues and not being committed to visiting the city each year. This option is to be withdrawn once the Founder and Premium shares have all been subscribed for."

The other aspect is that the ‘froth’ has gone off London market prices for prime real estate, so it’s a better time to buy than it has been for quite a long time. “

An allocation of shares in the London Fund can be secured by Investors with a fully-refundable deposit of US$ 2,000 per Full Unit (and pro rata) as “earnest“ while Investors carry out their due diligence at leisure. The full subscription amount is unlikely to be requested until September.