Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee  $340
 Annual Dues $1,700
 # Nights per Year Unlimited, per diem
 % Membership Refundable 0%
 Refund Basis NA
 # of homes 110+
 # of locations 30+
 Average Value $2.0m - $3.0m
 Number members 230+
 Founded 2005


If you're seriously considering joining Rocksure then download "Destination Clubs: A Guide for Prospective Members". We do ask you to register to download it. The free Guide will give you an in-depth view of the different funds and clubs including their homes, services and questions to consider prior to joining. It will help you compare Rocksure to all the other destination clubs and residence funds.



The Rocksure Club is a private members travel and lifestyle club. The club is aimed at the aspirations of today’s discerning travelers. At the core of the Club’s principles lies the conviction that beautiful accommodation, mouth-watering food, excellent wine and the opportunity to experience the best things that a local destination has to offer should be recommended by both “travel professionals”, and also by like-minded club travelers.

Woven into the club’s fabric are features designed to create an innovative new type of social travel platform. Membership provides access to a proprietary list of recommended local experiences. These come from both the club’s Private Travel Planners and Local Destination Specialists, and also from its own members. This creates unique opportunities to indulge in local events, shopping, adventure, well-being, sports and cultural immersion.

The club offers access to managed, exclusive and selected private properties and boutique hotels across summer, ski and winter sunshine destinations.

The management team behind the Rocksure Club also runs Rocksure Property. This was essentially an equity destination club, founded in 2005, which has raised several funds and bought multiple luxury vacation homes around the world. The last of these funds was closed to new investors in 2017 and the team are putting these years of experience to use in growing the Rocksure Club.

Prospective members can ask for a guest membership on the Rocksure Club website. This allows you to see the full scope of the Clubs residences, trips and services. A link to the website is in the tab above.

You can also read the articles below for more information about the club, and if you're seriously looking into joining a club download the free Guide to Destination Clubs (we do ask you to register to access this comprehensive Guide).