Private Jet

With the well documented issues in commercial flying more and more people have found reasons to turn to private aircraft.

There are a variety of options to consider. The starting point is how often you want to fly privately.

If you only fly a few hours a year then on demand aircraft charter is probably the best way to go. As your number of hours of private flying increases look at charter cards and fractional cards.

Once you reach about 50 hours of flying a year then fractional aircraft ownership can start to make sense and above 300 or so hours per year whole ownership is worth looking into. Here is some core information to help you understand the options.

All of the major providers have expanded over the last few years. Many now offer a wide range of products and solutions to meet the needs of various clients. If you're looking at the different options then download our Guide to Private Aviation, which compares the products and providers. 

The latest news and research on private jets and aircraft is included below.

Jet Card and Jet membership companies often have special offers to persuade new members to sign up. The latest offer from JetSmarter is for a limited-edition timepiece from luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot, which is available when purchasing a JetSmarter 3-year Sophisticated Membership.

The private aviation company has launched its first foray into membership-based products. The offering provides competitive, fixed hourly rates for on-demand jet charter.

Flexjet and NetJets, two private aviation sector giants, are both backed by firms run by some of the world’s savviest investors. They have developed similar luxury private jet ownership and card programs, that can be difficult to distinguish between. Here’s a closer look at how they compare.

Patriots Plane

The New England Patriots might not be feeling elated after their stunning Super Bowl upset, but they’re still flying high, thanks to the recent purchase of a pair of Boeing wide-body 767s (one as the chief in-season aircraft, and the other as backup).

Super Bowls are always a busy time for private aircraft. The most recent Super Bowls have seen between 1,000 and 1,500 private jets fly into the host city. This weekend’s game should be no different and if anything, the signs are that the number of planes will be higher than the last few years. Here’s a look at some of the numbers and details for this year’s event.

In the latest ten-year forecasts for the business jet industry, we see that the next decade is expected to bring slow but relatively steady growth. While no steep increases in demand are predicted, experts in the aviation industry are optimistic that the after-effects of the 2008 recession are now long gone.

With dozens of private aircraft service and jet card companies now vying for your business, it’s challenging to choose between the many types of pricing, services, and value-added bonuses. Here we break down the differences between venerable NetJets and newcomer Wheels Up.

We’re approaching the end of the year and that means there are several special offers available for anyone buying a new jet card or membership. Here’s a run through some of the offers that we’ve heard about.

It’s the middle of November and holiday decorations are already popping up. Private jet providers, like many businesses, are pushing to get deals done by the end of the year. Salespeople have their eyes on quotas and bonuses. As a result, they may urge you to, “Buy now to take advantage of the end of the year incentives,” while email offers encourage potential customers to “Beat the 2018 Price Increases.”

The founder and CEO of Wheels Up had lots to say at this years NBAA private aviation conference in Las Vegas. He has just raised new investment funds and is growing his fleet and his membership base.