Quintess Collection, a leading destination club, is celebrating their 10-year anniversary by announcing additional special partnerships, more luxury residences, and unique adventures.

According to Trent Sutton, President of the Quintess Collection, “From the beginning, Quintess has focused on being the best, and after 10 years we continue to believe that our members are the most important element of the Club. Quintess enhances our members’ lives and expands their horizons in world travel. Our members receive extraordinary value at often below-market rates, unique experiences, and highly customized service from our expert travel planners and amazing local hosts. In addition, Quintess, LLC has refined our business model to achieve positive operational cash flow and positive EBITDA status. We believe we are the first club in the category to achieve that, and our financial stability provides a tremendous amount of flexibility.”

Quintess Amangani residence

Quintess has recently announced that in addition to partnerships with the PGA TOUR and IfOnly, Quintess members can now enjoy exclusive promotions with ASI Aviation, LifeStream MD, a global, anytime healthcare advisory service, and M Life. Perks include complimentary flight hours (when enrolling with ASI) and elite platinum status with M Life, MGM Resorts customer rewards program.

Quintess Nantucket residence evening

In the past few months Quintess has also added 14 new homes and adventures and 9 new destinations to their portfolio. Members can now access destinations such as St. Barts, St. Croix, Santorini and Snowmass, as well as new homes in Aspen, Nantucket (pictured above) and St. Thomas. In addition, new adventures in Burma, Cambodia, China, Israel and Vietnam were recently added. Quintess has indicated that they are actively pursuing additional destinations and homes to be announced in the future.

The club added that since the 2008 recession they have grown their membership by 30% to more than 600 members. Full memberships start at $75,000 for 14 nights, plus annual dues of $1,595 per night or the club also offers a card model of 50 nights over three years for $100,000.