With Quintess Beyond, we visited Buenos Aires to see my daughter, who is studying abroad there. Although the dates at Recoleta Refined were not originally available during the weekend we wanted to go, someone pulled the strings to make it happen.

recoleta Buenos Aires

Sometimes you deal with companies who say 'no, we cannot accommodate that request. Instead, my Member Relations Manager Elizabeth and the Quintess staff went out of their way to make this happen, which made the trip that much more special. Buenos Aires is an awesome city full of friendly people, and the home is located in a great neighborhood.

We had a tough time getting in due to weather. Although our plane didn't arrive until after midnight, our Host Ariel was there waiting for us. Since we were hungry, he steered us to a good pizza place and gave us very meticulous directions for how to walk there. After we had proceeded about a block, Ariel came running up to us, concerned we might not find our way. He accompanied us all the way to the pizza place - a picture of genuine hospitality.

Ariel Lopez Varela The home's unique d├ęcor, with its interesting furniture and original artwork, really stood out to us, and made the home quite memorable. The Internet telephone allowed me to make as many phone calls as I needed to make. Best of all, my daughter, who is living in a very small apartment, was thrilled to stay with us in our luxury residence. Every day she led us around the city, our personal Buenos Aires tour guide.

Mike Schnur is a member of the Quintess Collection