The luxury destination club has increased its destination portfolio by more than 33% in 2012, adding 20 new destinations. Members now have access to more than 170 luxury residences and experiences in more than 60 of the world's most sought-after destinations.

There are two new membership structures under which members first choose whether they want access to the Quintess luxury vacations during peak holidays or are happy to travel just at non-peak times. Under both options new members pay a one off, non-refundable membership fee and then pay a set amount per night, for the nights they want to vacation with the club each year. Members can always pay for additional nights if they go over their membership nights in a year.

The new membership structures are:

Pricing Plans Lifetime Non-Holiday Lifetime Holiday
 Membership Funding $89,000 $169,000
 Length of Membership Lifetime Lifetime
 Annual Nights 10-14 14-21
 Cost per Night $1,495 $1,495

Quintess Adventure in Africa

The Quintess Collection provides its members with vacations and adventures through three distinctive portfolios - Quintess, Quintess Beyond and Quintess Adventures:

Quintess - Quintess residences are the heart of The Quintess Collection's luxury home portfolio. Owned or managed by the Club to ensure its world-class standards, Quintess is made up of residences averaging $4 million in value, including homes in Aspen, Hawaii, Jackson Hole, London, Los Cabos, New York City, Paris, Tuscany and many more.

Quintess Beyond - Quintess Beyond residences are luxury properties hand-picked by the Club, including all TOUR CLUB golf properties, the world's finest resorts like Pelican Hill, Tucker's Point and the Sonoma Mission Inn, and superb villas, estate homes, and apartments sourced directly from luxury residence owners. Recent additions this year include Barcelona, Provence and Nantucket. On-site member services are provided through those trusted partners in concert with Quintess' proprietary Collective iQ™ platform.

Quintess Adventures - Quintess Adventures are experiences crafted by the Club's in-house experts in close partnership with world-class travel providers. Members can enjoy personalized one-of-a-kind vacations from a Gorilla Trek in Rwanda or a Cultural Tour in Bhutan and India to a VIP experience at the U.S. Open in New York. Quintess Adventures make every day matter based on the member's wishes. The Club adds new Adventures annually based on member feedback and requests.

"We've been able to enhance the value of membership in The Quintess Collection by offering the most exceptional range of homes and destinations than at any time in our history. We plan to do the same next year, and our goal is to offer more than 100 destinations to our members by 2014." Said Pete Estler, Founder and CEO of Club Holdings, the parent company of The Quintess Collection.

Members use their base plan nights to reserve homes or vacations in all three portfolios. Some homes or vacations may be for a fraction of a plan night (eg for 0.7 base plan nights), some may be for a multiple (eg 1.6) base plan nights, all depending on the size, scale and scope of the vacation or residence.

As with other destination clubs, Quintess Collection members also benefit from customized travel planning, exclusive relationships with renowned private clubs and resorts and the expertise of a knowledgeable Member Relations team and local Destination Hosts.