Continuing in our series of extraordinary and ordinary requests made of club concierges, we're focusing on Rocksure, an equity club offering both villa and apartment funds. Both fund owners and the general public have the opportunity to stay in Rocksure's properties, and all guests receive the same service.

The guest's account manager and the Rental Sales Manager, Danielle Panagou, handle requests from guests with upcoming stays. This allows the local concierges to then focus directly on the on-site members and guests. Both the managers and the concierges work closely together to ensure a seamless transition in the guests' service. SherpaReport had the opportunity to talk with Danielle Panagou, Rental Sales Manager, and Amanda Gray, Manager, to learn more about the ordinary and extraordinary requests that Rocksure has received and fulfilled.

As expected, the ordinary requests include things like arranging pre-stocking of groceries, airport transfers, and luggage care prior to the guests' arrival. They are also asked to coordinate things like nannies, bodyguards, personal trainers, chauffeurs, masseuses, and evening butlers. Rental Sales Manager Danielle Panagou maintains a list of trusted service providers that they can call on for these requests. In addition, all villa properties include three full-time staff members - a cook, a housekeeper, and a cleaner, and prior to the guests' arrival, Rocksure coordinates things like dietary requirements and other special requests with the on-site staff.


With regards to extraordinary requests, Danielle recounted a surprise wedding that she helped coordinate with the groom (the wife only learned of all of the details several weeks before). Danielle was asked for her suggestions of which things to include to make the event extra special. She provided a list of suggestions along with prices to the groom, and he selected which things to include. Danielle then coordinated the entertainment, decor, chairs, tables, a camel, an officiant and decorations, including petals in the swimming pool.


Another unusual request was a surprise birthday party for an owner's adult daughter in Marrakesh. The guests hadn't been to Marrakesh in many years, and they were looking for a very special experience. Danielle organised fascinating items including a snake charmer, banquet food, and a camel (a special request from the owner).

Camel - Birthday - Marakkech

Amanda and Danielle also talked about the coordination required after the Icelandic Volcano grounded many European flights. Together with the local concierges they had to determine which guests were unable to leave, and which guests were able and unable to arrive. Because some guests flew in internationally, or took other transportation like trains, there was some shuffling of reservations that had to occur. It took some co-ordination, but they were able to work it all out for all the members and guets.

Emergency room and after-hours doctor visits are also handled by the concierge. Issues have included dental emergencies, a broken knee, and chicken pox. In these cases, the concierge contacts Amanda and Danielle to make sure the situation is managed as best as possible.