The companies below all provide fractional aircraft ownership. You'll find companies offering ownership in all types of planes from heavy executive jets to single engined turboprops. The table includes the geographic area that the fractional program is available in.

 Fractional Company  Jets  Turboprops  Locations
 NetJets  Light, Mid, Super-Mid, Heavy  No  Global
 Flexjet  Light, Mid, Super-Mid, Heavy  No  Global
 Nicholas Air  Light, Mid  Pilatus PC-12  North America
 JetIt  Light, Mid  No  North America
 AirShare  Light  No  Mid US
 PlaneSense  Light  Pilatus PC-12  US
 The Company Jet  Light  No  Mid US


FlightOptions used to offer fractional ownership, but several years ago they announced that they were transitioning their fractional customers to sister company Flexjet.

Some fractional programs are small with only a few aircraft, operating out of a couple of airports and serving a regional marketplace. Others are larger national or international programs, with large fleets comprised of a variety of aircraft types. If you know of a Fractional Company that you would like to see added please Contact Us.

Fractional ownership can start to make sense if you fly more than 50 hours a year. Read the overview of fractional aircraft ownership and get an idea of the structures and costs. This article gives an overview of the agreements and documents you will sign as a fractional owner. If you want to see how fractional aircraft options fit into the overall mix of private aviation products, then download our Guide to Private Aviation - this free report covers all the options, including prices and key questions to ask.

If you are seriously researching fractional options, and want to compare the key terms of the leading providers, including their planes, response times, peak days, safety procedures and more, then become a SherpaReport member here.