The Rocksure Club has been growing its travel and lifestyle offerings, including a new membership for extended families. SherpaReport recently caught up with the clubs co-founder, David Rogers.

“We are glad to say that the Club is powering ahead, with Members signing up from the United States and Canada and other countries as well as from the UK and Europe,” said Rogers. “This is important because a major aim of the Club is to build a community of sophisticated, adventurous, enthusiastic and wealthy travelers from around the world. They will not only be brilliantly looked after by our expert team but can also benefit from the experiences of other Members,” he continued.

Many of the clubs’ best villas in Europe and elsewhere are exclusive to the Rocksure Club. The owners frequently do not wish them to be featured on-line, but prefer to maintain more exclusivity and control by keeping them in the club.

Lifestyle Experiences

Members can also participate in an ever-growing number of lifestyle experiences which are restricted to members and their guests. 

Rocksure Africa

For example, if you are interested in wine, you will appreciate the fact that whenever you stay at a Rocksure private villa you will find a list of local wines which The Rocksure Wine Society has tasted and chosen for you to try. So, you can drink good local wines from the first day of your vacation, even in places such as Croatia which are not generally renowned for their wines but do have some local gems.

The Rocksure Wine Society also coordinates a small number of members-only visits to the great wine-producing regions of the world: the 2019 program is due to be published very shortly.

The Club also organizes short trips in Europe, called Cultural Cameos, to explore the history and culture of Europe, hosted by Anthony Bay who has been much lauded by Conde Nast Traveler as one of their top destination specialists. You might like to explore Provence with him, or go off-the-beaten-track to as he guides you through Transylvania, one of Prince Charles’s favorite retreats, we are told.

In addition, for other trips, you can study the lives and works of the French Impressionists in and around Paris, and visit the D-Day Landing Beaches, staying overnight at a 1000-year-old Chateau hotel.

Rocksure has seen a tremendous interest in Classic Cars (pre-1970 or thereabouts) and are developing a program of Rallies for next year, starting with one of the most stunning routes in the Highlands of Scotland. If you would like to join this stimulating event but you don’t happen to have a vintage Bentley or Jaguar, the Club can arrange one for you, so don’t be deterred.

Rocksure Classic Car

The coming months are perfect for travel to many countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean, Central and South America and Asia, and the Club has experts on all these areas. In addition, the Club offers a wide selection of crewed yachts and villas in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Rocksure Sailing


With its new extended family membership, you and your spouse/partner can join The Rocksure Club, and can enroll siblings and parents of both of you as related members, for a total annual membership fee of $2,500, plus a one-off joining fee of $350. Each of you can then travel independently during the coming year. It could make an interesting family holiday gift. If you just wish to join with your spouse or partner, the annual membership fee for 2019 is just $1,700, plus a one-off joining fee of $350.

The Rocksure Club charges no planning or administrative fees, unlike many luxury travel companies do these days, so it is likely that your annual membership fee will be off-set on this saving alone. You may well come to realize that being looked after as a member, by a true expert, is a very different experience than being one of thousands of customers of a large tour operator.

For all enquiries regarding membership of the Club, you can contact Laura at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 011 44 1993 824198 (from North America). She will also put you in direct contact with the appropriate Destination Specialists.