The YPartnership "Portrait of Affluent Travellers" report included research on the familiarity, ownership and interest in destination clubs, private residence clubs and fractional ownership.

Of the surveyed audience approximately one in four was familiar with fractional ownership. Only one in five was familiar with destination clubs and private resident clubs. The results for destination clubs were similar to an earlier survey which showed that about 25% of respondents were familiar with destination clubs, although at the time very few could name a club brand.

The YPartnership study was released earlier this year and was based on research carried out in August 2008. A total of 800 respondents participated in this study, of which 794 were defined as affluent leisure travelers and 434 were defined as affluent business travelers.

The nationally representative survey of pre-qualified consumers were screened by specific demographic and behavioral characteristics and had:
  • a minimum annual household income of $150,000;
  • taken one or more overnight trips of at least 75 miles from home for business or leisure purposes during the previous 12 months; and
  • stayed in a luxury hotel at least once during the previous 12 months.
PropertyFamiliar with %Ownership of %*Interest in %**
 Fractional ownership2694
 Destination club22135
 Private residence clubs181010

* Among those who are familiar with the respective concept.
** Among those who do not currently own the respective concept.

Note that the survey was done in August 2008 before the current economic turmoil really kicked in. Some of the clubs have subsequently hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons as they have struggled financially.

If you're just becoming aware of these clubs and want to learn more, the best place to start for destination clubs is the destination club section, which has a lot of links to informative articles and research. The private residence club section contains news and reports on the various clubs and what they offer.