New to the world of Destination Clubs? Maybe you just heard about them and want a quick and easy way to get going, and boost your knowledge on these luxury vacation options? The following articles will get you up to speed in no time. Soon you will be the one explaining this ever-growing luxury trend to your friends and family.

  1. If you're just starting out read the DESTINATION CLUB OVERVIEW, this will give you an idea of the luxury homes and five star services.

  2. Wondering how to decipher destination club TERMINOLOGY? Some of the most common industry terms are defined in this glossary.

  3. Learn the difference between DESTINATION CLUBS AND PRIVATE RESIDENCE CLUBS. This article will help clarify and smooth out any confusion on the issue.

  4. How do VACATION HOMES COMPARE TO DESTINATION CLUBS? This article discusses many variables including, financing, maintenance, service, equity, locations, availability, and more.

  5. Learn how to SELECT A DESTINATION CLUB that will work with your schedule, budget and vacation patterns.

  6. For the clubs at a glance, take a look at the hard facts. Our COMPARISON CHART looks at four differentials: home value, initial fee, annual dues and fee refundable percentages. Plus it links to more detailed profiles for each of the clubs.

  7. The effective COST PER NIGHT can be tricky to figure out. This article includes an easy to use cost per night spreadsheet with three different calculation methods to choose from.

  8. For a comprehensive look at your options download our free DESTINATION CLUB GUIDE.

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