Jet Edge Reserve members will now be able to fly coast-to-coast on a Challenger starting at $39,900. In addition, Jet Edge is announcing a new transcontinental program to include non-coastal hubs like Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Bozeman, Aspen, Nashville and Scottsdale among others for flights of four hours or more, also starting at $39,900.

“Our Reserve Member base has continually asked us to extend our coast-to-coast offering to our Challenger aircraft as well as develop a larger transcontinental footprint. We are delivering an enhanced program for CL300/350/605/650 flyers that complements our industry-leading Gulfstream program,” says Jet Edge Chief Commercial Officer, Jonah Adler.

Jet Edge Challenger

Bonus Credit

As many private charter industry groups continue phasing out special incentives and programs, Jet Edge is doing the opposite: it is offering a 7.5% bonus credit as a means of introducing the private aviation community and jet card holders to the company’s new Reserve Black Membership. This new dimension comes just in time for the peak winter travel season, where the new Jet Edge Reserve Black offer features a special 7.5% credit on all deposits of $500,000 or more received before year-end.

Any new or renewing Jet Edge Reserve Black clients that enroll in the program before December 31st can enjoy a $37,500 credit to start on their fully refundable deposits with no expiration date. Reserve Black clients that make a $2 million deposit in the program can realize a $150,000 Jet Edge credit. In addition to the 7.5% bonus, the Reserve Black program features a full suite of travel benefits.

This membership includes capped charter rates for large cabin and super-midsize aircraft. To add to discounted transcontinental charter rates in large-cabin jets and mountain pricing, Jet Edge Reserve members also enjoy fixed rates to popular holiday destinations such as Hawaii. New and existing members receive 7.5% bonus for any reserve black deposits of $500,000 or more through December 31, 2021.

Jet Edge Gulfstream Interior

More Aircraft

Jet Edge celebrated its 25th of 35 new deliveries last week with another 10 slated through May 2022.

By June 1st, 2022, both the Challenger 300/350/605/650 and Gulfstream 4SP/450 aircraft will be fully outfitted with new state-of-the-art interiors, avionics, branded livery, and in-cabin features.

“As the only membership charter company domestically to have taken delivery of 25+ state of the art super-mid and large cabin aircraft this year, closing the year with an opportunity for Reserve Black members to fly on the charter industry’s most advanced fleet FET-Free, for as long as they’d like, is an exciting way to finish the year,” comments Jet Edge Chief Business Officer Steve Malvesta.