Air Charter Service (ACS) is running a holiday promotion on its jet card with the goal of helping families come together to celebrate. Air Charter Service’s Empyrean jet card usually has a minimum requirement of 25 hours. This festive offer lets people buy a card with a reduced requirement of just 15 hours. Cards can be bought through December 31, 2020.

Blake Crawford, Regional Jet Card Manager for Air Charter Service, acknowledges that this year’s holiday season will look different to previous years. He says, “Our goal is to spread joy by uniting families who have been affected by travel restrictions since the onset of the pandemic. Flying private provides a secure and hygienic means to visit family."

The Empyrean Card comes in three different account types. The Gold and Platinum accounts both offer capped fixed hourly rates and both have reduced the minimum purchase to 15 hours. The Platinum account has a shorter notice period, at 24 hours, offers guaranteed recovery if there are issues with the aircraft and has newer planes.

Upon purchase, the rate is valid for 12 months, so that your rate will not be affected by fuel costs. There are also no positioning costs, access to aircraft across various class sizes and no monthly fees. Balances can also be used to purchase bespoke charter solutions anywhere in the world.

The Market account is the third structure offered by ACS. This normally has a minimum deposit of $50,000 which has been reduced to $25,000 during the holiday season. The balance is fully refundable at any time.

The funds on these accounts are held in a separate, third-party bank account, providing assurance that your investment is safe. All Empyrean Card holders also receive complimentary access to the ACS concierge service who can arrange the other elements of your journeys.