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flyExclusive Partnership With Inspirato

Private aviation provider flyExclusive has recently announced a partnership with luxury travel club Inspirato. Under the agreement, members of each organization receive access and special benefits in the partner company.

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Destination Clubs

5 Reasons to Join Exclusive Resorts’ Global Community

Since 2002, Exclusive Resorts has taken its coterie of more than 4,300 Members to some of the world’s most sought-after locales, from Europe to the Caribbean and beyond. And given the club’s nearly $1 billion-dollar portfolio of private homes, rare experiences around the globe are ensured. Yet what members also...

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Fractional Jets

Volato Grows Fleet

Volato, the largest HondaJet operator in the United States, added to its fleet in 2023 and plans to add even more aircraft in 2024. Here’s a look at the recent additions and program changes and the latest financial results from the company.

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Jet Cards

Sentient Jet Flight Trends & Benefits Guide

Jet card provider Sentient Jet shared some recent flight trends and released its 2024 Benefits Guide for card holders. This is Sentients 25th year of operation and the 11th year of the Benefits Guide.

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Whole Aircraft Ownership

Business Aircraft Resales. Market Easing. Fewer Transactions.

The latest data for the preowned business aircraft market shows inventory continues to offer increased choice for buyers while transaction activity trends back to historical norms.

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HomeAway, a popular online vacation rental marketplace, has just announced the expansion of a new luxury vacation home rental website. Curated by the luxury travel experts at Andrew Harper, the website offers more than 4,500 luxury rentals in more than 40 countries on every continent except Antarctica.

Private Trade Winds was born in February 2007, when founder Irene Aviles combined her knowledge as a luxury vacation homeowner, with her experience and interest in world travel.

Club Holdings, parent company of Quintess and the PGA Tour Club, has recently acquired Time & Place, a villa rental agency. SherpaReport had the opportunity to speak to Ben Addoms, Chief Marketing Officer of Quintess, to learn more about how Time & Place fits in with the Quintess business.

Brad and Brent Handler launched Inspirato at the start of this year and have already grown the club to over 900 members. They have also raised over $30m in funding from some top tier investors.

Private Aviation and Destination Clubs

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