Saturday, April 04, 2020

With a goal of simplifying the yacht experience and making leisure time carefree, Superyacht owner Michael Saylor founded Fleet Miami in 2014. According to Saylor, "After owning and chartering my own boats, I saw a way to advance the cause of yachting. Fleet Miami is a manifestation of my desire to not see empty boats. Unused boats are not cost effective, and there is something very sad about them. I feel I have come up with a practical, equitable solution for a certain type of yacht owner and yacht enthusiast that will enhance the joy of yachting.”

The 33.7-metre Curvelle Quaranta yachts came about as the result of a team that included some of the finest naval architects and specialist catamaran designers with a vision in mind to "create yachts that will change cruising forever." The company's fractional ownership program is designed to provide more yacht and far more control than you'll find with other similar programs.

Aircraft and vacation properties aren't the only aspects of high end travel on which you can save money by going the fractional ownership route. With SmartYacht, you can enjoy a taste of adventure on the “high seas” without the cost, management, or other hassles involved in full yacht ownership.

Signature Yacht Shares began offering fractional ownership of yachts in 2007 and is affiliated with the award-wining yacht dealer Galati Yacht Sales, based out of Destin, Florida.