We thoroughly enjoyed our stay (at Podere Le Sensaie, Tuscany). The villa is stunning, and the club delivered on its promises of toys and audio equipment which made our life much easier. Our son Jack (2 years) was delighted with all the supplies of toys etc and it was great to have such a well equipped place in terms of high chairs, cots etc etc. Top marks on this. Thank you. Emma our local concierge was very friendly and helpful. We have talked to her about our feedback also. She was great at organising the team including our pool guy, the cook, and the babysitter, who all seem to know each other and gave it a very trusting, family feel to the whole operation. They were all wonderful, warm people and we all got along despite our lack of Italian and their lack of English. The cleaner was really good also. I wanted to ask for the interior design company that decorated the villa...it looks so beautiful and there are some wonderful choices that I would love to use myself.