I loved my second trip to Hilton Head! I would pack my bags and move there – not just anywhere on the island, but to our EE home. I am not exactly sure why, but Hilton Head is a place I just want to savor. I think I belong there.

Maybe Equity Estates would like to provide a full time live in nanny – I would be perfect for the position. The “kid” in me still likes to dig up sand dollars with my toes, get eye to eye with the bug eyed sand crabs for a stare down, investigate the prehistoric horseshoe crabs, dig in the sand, build sand castles . . . the kind of things my grown up playmates just watch me do from the balcony with their glass of wine in their hands ! They even watch me reading at the edge of the incoming tide taking bets on when a wave is really going to get me – yes I do get really into what I am reading, but getting wet is part of the fun of reading at the waters edge. That is what is nice about Hilton Head – everyone can do their own thing.

As you know I have done the mountain biking in CO and chalked that up to an exciting been there, done that, don’t need to do it again kind of thing. BUT biking on the beach – can’t get enough of that.

This year there were not any dolphins joining me, but there were surfers instead as the hurricane out at sea gave us a good surf and they were fun to watch as well. I have always loved sunsets, but sunrises on the beach are a WOW. For starters, in the fall they happen at a reasonable hour and they are breathtaking. It is more than that though – there is a buzz of anticipation for a new day up and down the beach. People on their balconies with cameras ready, families strolling the beach with cups of coffee in hand, wide awake babies navigating walking on this something new, groups of people already camped out in chairs just waiting to start the new day – no one is in a hurry on Hilton Head. I loved taking all that in as much as the WOW moment of the sun popping up.


Going back the second time was great as we knew our way around. We took our older crowd out to lunch each day, we grilled each evening and ate outdoors, nestled in on our private patio – it was the best of both worlds. We enjoyed the restaurants, the beach, the ocean, the pool, the hot tub, the house . . . everything – I have to say it one more time, I love the place! Who ever picked this one did good!!

Sue I is an Equity Estates owner member, who was staying at the funds home in Hilton Head.