We hosted family members for a week in Naples, and like at other Quintess homes, we wanted to have an in-home chef for a relaxing night and Chef David was the perfect fit for our crew.

Quintess David Goins chefIn addition to our immediate family, my father-in-law wanted to invite one of his college golf teammates from 50 years ago and his wife who live nearby the home to join us and to show off our house. The process was quite simple and the menu full of choices was easy to select from. After the dinner, my father-in-law's wife slipped in to the kitchen for a while and when she came back, mentioned that she had run a successful catering business for over 20 years and had recently sold it – her list of clientele was very impressive. We were kind of glad we didn't know ahead of time, but she was most complimentary of both the food and service and both she and Chef David really hit it off!

We love that our local Hosts put us in touch with people like Chef David when traveling with The Quintess Collection; we might not have found him on our own!

(Joe Gree is a member of destination club Quintess and was staying at the clubs home in Naples, Florida)