Excellent - absolutely fantastic in every aspect! This was our first Rocksure Property visit. If they are all as exceptional as El Goute, we will be booking as often as we can.


The food preparation and service by the kitchen staff was superior to anything we had at the best restaurants. Fatima was more than willing to give us brief cooking lessons and demonstrations! Fatima and Ilyas were absolutely phenomenal; as was the entire staff! Ilyas hired a driver (Kareem) for us as well as a most-knowledgeable guide.

Our guide (Abdul) assisted us with negotiating our purchases in the Souks - saving us a considerable amount of money. He actually saved us so much on our rugs, it more than paid his salary for 3 full days! Abdul took us to his favourite lunch spots (again, incredible food) and had the owners reduce the bill by 50%. He was a wealth of information when it came to the history of Morocco. The benefit to having a guide is that it keeps the vendors from hassling you. I would highly recommend when travelling to Morocco, that you hire a guide for the first 1-2 days. If staying at El Goute, a driver is a must (and cheap). Kareem was with us all week. El Goute is a 5-star +++ property! There is absolutely nothing they can't organize for you! Fabulous! Can't wait to return!

DD is an investor member of Rocksure Property.