Our conversation finds me standing in one of the New York City penthouses overlooking Times Square the week before Christmas. This place rocks! I could not imagine choosing a better view or location if we had the pick of the city. The Broadway show 'Book of Mormon' is fantastic and just half a block away; Blue Ribbon Restaurants, our favorite, is within walking distance; Rockefeller Center, the Rockettes and shopping are all easily accessible by foot. This is the perfect recipe to create lasting memories and it all started with a Wish.

Quintess Rooke Brothers

We have only been Members of The Quintess Collection a few months. When we thought about visiting NYC during the holidays there was no availability. So, we originally made a Wish for New York in December. Then Emily, our Member Relations Manager, called and told us about an opening. A few days before we arrived, she called to offer a penthouse that had just become available. My teenagers were floored – who could resist a penthouse in Times Square?

Our kids are fourteen and sixteen. We are well aware they'll be off to college and going their own directions before long. We're trying to spend quality time together while school schedules allow and The Quintess Collection provides the perfect places to spend those cherished moments as a family.

My three brothers and I joined The Quintess Collection in March. Although we already had a four-bedroom unit in Beaver Creek, we didn't want to be locked into just one destination, and we didn't want the hassle of another second home – all the maintenance, stress and paperwork. Plus, all the brothers are scattered around the country, so one destination wouldn't necessarily be convenient for everyone. We started to think: wouldn't it be better to have access all over the world as opposed to just one place? With The Quintess Collection, we get access to fantastic properties literally around the globe for the same amount we would put into a down payment on a multimillion-dollar home in one place.

Originally we were introduced to Exclusive Resorts through close friends, but what drew us to Quintess is that we weren't fighting with four times the amount of people to get where we wanted to go. Quintess is smaller, more intimate and provides better availability. Plus they've got THE TOUR CLUB. How could we say no to that? Our Membership Director Tony Notargiacomo really sealed the deal on our large membership. He secured reservations for us that I couldn't believe we were getting (like Maui and Canouan for Christmas); he answered all of our questions and basically showed us that there was no comparison between the two clubs (ER and The Quintess Collection). Even now, Tony takes very good care of us; inviting us to celebrity-attended golf tournaments, getting us tickets to coveted events... we really value our relationship with him.

Being Collection Members has been dynamite so far, in part because of THE TOUR CLUB access. All four brothers love to golf. When my wife (who is also a golf coach) and I stayed at THE TOUR CLUB property at Wynn Las Vegas last month, we took advantage of golf privileges at TPC Las Vegas. For the price of a cab ride and cart fee, we enjoyed some great golf in the desert. We had a wonderful time at Pelican Hill this summer playing some great Tom Fazio golf courses. And speaking of Tom Fazio, we enjoyed a round at Sage Valley this spring; that is an experience not to be missed. My brother recently played at TPC Jasna Polana, which he said was fabulous. Next, we'll all get together in Sage Valley for the 2012 Masters. With Sage Valley's impeccably maintained grounds and incredible staff, plus VIP passes to the Masters, it should be an awesome trip.

Our first trip together, as four brothers, was to a Quintess home in Los Cabos, Mexico last month. We savored every minute of it. Those homes are extraordinary! From the margaritas that were waiting for us in the home to our super Destination Host and exceptional golf, marlin fishing, spa, workout facilities and Club 96 access, the destination was unbelievable. So unbelievable, in fact, that for the Holiday lottery, one of my brothers requested a Cabo home for his family vacation next year.

We've also visited the three-bedroom home at Pelican Hill. The home was gorgeous and the area was spellbinding, but more important, it was an especially meaningful trip for my wife, who grew up in the Los Angeles area. It was her birthday and her father, the founder of the well-known BING surfboard company, came in for the weekend and showed us around the factory, took us to the surf history museum and gave us a feel for the vintage surf culture out there. Another cherished memory in such a short time.

Back in October, we stayed at a Quintess home in Amelia Island. There was a Nor'Easter that was affecting the weather that weekend, so we spent a lot of good family time together in the house (which was beautiful), playing games, venturing out to the hot tub in the wind, and just generally enjoying each other. In the safety of our home, we created our own little eye of the storm on that trip.

Quintess Rooke Family

The Quintess Collection is a fantastic way to manage family assets, and I can tell you everyone is thrilled to be part of it. It provides for us worry-free travel in beautiful homes – not hotel rooms. Our Hosts and Member Relations Manager take care of all of the details; the only thing I worry about is how many nights to use and where to go. I'm particularly eager to start exploring Quintess Beyond. I'd love to take the family on a safari or spend a week in Provence; there are so many places we want to see!

All in all, I don't think we could be much happier. Our friends and neighbors have been very interested in our travels this holiday season. When we look back and realize how fortunate we are to have experienced all these wonderful destinations within our first year how could it not be the topic of conversation at parties? When we explain how we get there through The Quintess Collection, including THE TOUR CLUB, you definitely have their attention. We recommend it to them every time.

Tim Rooke and his brothers and their families are members of The Quintess Collection. The Rooke family share a 60 night membership plan.