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What are the Costs of Private Jets? 

Discerning businesses and affluent travelers appreciate the privacy, convenience and time saving, that private jets enable.

But, there's an array of products and providers to choose from. The SherpaReport Guide to shared Private Aviation will help you identify the right products for your travel needs.

1. Use the Selection Tool to get some initial ideas about suitable products. 
2. Then download the comprehensive Guide to Private Aviation, which includes details on multiple providers.

  By reading the Guide you'll learn about:
  • The characteristics of aviation products
  • What to consider when reviewing the products
  • Comparisons of the leading providers
  • Comparisons of costs, which start at about $4,000/hour
  • Key questions to ask the providers prior to joining

nick copley For many people, the Guide is all they need. If you have any further questions after reading the Guide, sign up for paid membership at $250/year. Full members can have individual conversations with our President & Senior Analyst, Nick Copley, to go through their specific private aviation requirements.

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Comments from Readers of the Guide

John, Naples, FL - "I’ve got several pilot friends that I talked to, but your report really summed it all up well, it was very helpful."
Tom, CFO in FL - "I’ve been looking at options. This was a good overview of fractions and cards."
Jim, Reno, NV - "I think the Report is great. The best and most comprehensive I have seen."
Dean, Champaign, IL - "I have been chartering for the last two years and want to see if there is a better way. Your Guide was very helpful."
Andy, retired aviation industry executive, IN - "Very well put together and very knowledgeable."

SherpaReport is an independent media company. Our analysts have interviewed private aviation customers, interviewed management at providers, and spent hundreds of hours researching the various options. The result is an in-depth, independent Guide to Private Aviation, that includes details on each of the different options and the major providers.

If you have any questions after reading the Guide, or you just want to discuss the Guide, please feel free to contact our President & Senior Analyst, Nick Copley. His email is included in the Guide.