This is the first in a series of articles about fractional and private residence club sales and resales in specific destinations. Aspen Colorado is the most chic ski resort in the US and also boasts a thriving summer program that makes it immensely popular year round.

St Regis Aspen
St Regis Aspen

Visitors to Aspen will find a restored historic town, two nearby preserved ghost towns offering a glimpse of the region's rich mining history, excellent trout fishing, and nearly every outdoor activity imaginable. There are four ski mountains that attract world-class skiers in the winter, and numerous cultural events and concerts at the world-renowned Aspen Music Festival in the summer. The town also boasts renowned dining and shopping options.

With this popularity as a vacation destination for the affluent, the town and its surroundings are home to a large selection of fractional and residence club homes. Prospective residents can choose from studios to five-bedroom residences offering owners fraction sizes from 1/20 to 1/3 shares. Prices for Aspen fractional properties range from $10,000 to $2.8 million. We searched through the MLS (multiple listing service) and found over 250 listings for fractional property in the Aspen area. Below is a summary of our findings.

Property# Fractions For SaleBedroomsPrice RangeFraction Size
 Hyatt Grand Aspen71$99k-$395k1/12-1/20
 Hyatt Grand Aspen232$155k-$1.0m1/12-1/20
 Hyatt Grand Aspen393$179-$1.15m1/12-1/20
 Hyatt Grand Aspen34$179-$1.15m1/12-1/20
 Hyatt Grand Aspen15$2.25m1/12
 St. Regis Residence Club302$165k-$1.1m1/4-1/12
 St. Regis Residence Club173$390k -$1.2m1/10-1/12
 Residences at Little Nell23$1.5m1/8
 Residences at Little Nell44$1.9m-$2.8m1/8
 Ritz Carlton Club172$129k-$240k1/12
 Ritz Carlton Club583$160k-$575k1/6-1/12
 The Timbers Club83$419k -$500k1/8
 The Innsbruck21$90k1/12
 The Innsbruck72$175k-$220k1/12
 Snowmass Club92$150k-$217k1/7
 Snowmass Club93$260k-$307k1/7
 Snowmass Club64$250k-$320k1/8
 Snowmass Club45$375k-$475k1/8
 Roaring Fork Club81$245k-$315k1/6
 Roaring Fork Club63$499k-$795k1/4-1/6

In addition to all the above fractions there are also several single family homes that have fractions for sale and some other residence clubs with just a few fractions for sale.

The enormous variation in pricing in the table above is due to a variety of factors, including the size of fraction or share, the location, fittings and services of the property and whether you are buying a fixed time period or whether your time "floats". Some properties offer fixed weeks - so for instance if you always want to visit during Christmas and New Year you'll have to pay a significant premium. As a specific example the $2.25m being asked at the Hyatt is actually two residences combined to make one 5-bedroom unit, and the owner owns both Christmas and New Years weeks.

If you're considering buying into a fractional or residence club then read "Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Luxury Fractional", the fractional glossary may also be useful and here's the place to read about reservation systems and usage plans.