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Fractional Programs Comparison

Side by side comparison of the leading fractional programs in North America. Look through all the major features. Save hours of research time.

Jet Cards Comparison

Side by side comparison of the leading jet card and membership programs in North America. Look through all the major features including pricing, safety, response times and much more. Save hours of research time.

Major Charter Operators

Browse through all the major charter operators in North America. Find the ones closest to you or your preferred airport location.

Aviation Guide

The SherpaReport Guide to Private Aviation. This in-depth Guide walks through the different products and their pros and cons. It's designed to help you find the correct types of products and providers to meet your mission requirements.

Aircraft Buying Guide

The SherpaReport Aircraft Buying Guide. This 50+ page Guide walks through the steps in an aircraft acquisition and offers a plethora of insights into the selection process, the upfront investment required for various models to the annual cost of ownership; the makeup of the ideal advisory and management teams; maintenance, legal and tax considerations; insurance advice, inspection tips, financing options, and more.

Trip Spreadsheet

Bonus: A simple spreadsheet for doing flight planning, or building up your history of flights.

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I’ve been looking at options. This was a good overview of fractions and cards.

- Tom I., CFO in FL


I’ve got several pilot friends that I talked to, but your report really summed it all up well, it was very helpful.

- John M., Naples, FL

I think the Report is great. The best and most comprehensive I have seen.

- Jim M., Reno, NV


I have been chartering for the last two years and want to see if there is a better way. Your Guide was very helpful.

- Dean C., Champaign, IL