For the first time, CitationAir is offering a 5-hour version of its Jet Card product. The limited edition Jet Card will be available for five hours on any of the CitationAir private jets, including the Cessna CJ3, XLS, Sovereign and Citation X.

The all-inclusive cost, including all taxes and fees, starts at $31,145 for five hours on a CJ3, and there are no charges for fuel overages. The pricing for each aircraft is shown in the table below.

CitationAir JetCard Ribbon

"High-end gifts typically fall into the categories of designer goods, cars, and other tangible products," said Bill Schultz, CEO of CitationAir. "Our 5-hour Jet Card differs, however, because it lets our customers give the gift of an unparalleled travel experience to their friends and family."

This special product offer is available until December 31, 2011, and all hours purchased through the promotional Jet Cards must be used by December 31, 2012. Reservations made on the card must be booked with 24 hours notice, and the cards are good for travel on 335 days per year - so exclude certain peak travel days.

Aircraft 5 Hour Jet Card rates
 Citation CJ3 $31,145
 Citation XLS $42,798
 Citation Sovereign $50,525
 Citation X $55,000

CitationAir is also currently offering a 5% bonus credit on new Jet Card purchases or reloads of existing Jet Cards for deposits starting at $200,000. As a general rule, if you're looking at buying or reloading a card it's always worth asking if there are any current special promotions.

Editors Note: This is an older article. CitationAir closed down its operations in 2014.