Pinestone Crossing

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Description: Pinestone Crossing is a unique property development that allows families to own a share of a beautiful log home on a lake in the Wisconsin Northwoods. This is deeded ownership. You own 1/10th of your cabin – not just time at a cabin. You also co-own 26 acres with 700 foot frontage, the docks, a rowboat, a canoe and a boathouse. As the property value goes up, so does your investment.

You can keep, pass on, sell, trade or rent your share. It is yours to decide what you want to do with it. These options provide you the flexibility to maximize the use of your cabin.

Annual maintenance fees are based on true costs. These include property taxes, cleaning, repair, utilities, etc. This is managed by a designated management company and approved by share owners each year. You don’t need to worry about the day to day maintenance! Plus, you only pay 1/10th of the cost of maintaining the cabin.

When buying a fraction/share, you are paying for what you use. Vacation properties are becoming unaffordable to many families. This is your opportunity to have a vacation home you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford.
334, Hollyhock Lane