The Shores at The Ocean

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Description: Why buy 100% of a vacation home when studies show most people only spend an average of seven weeks per year at a second home? Instead, for prices ranging from $150,000 - 800,000 you can own a 1/7th deeded interest in your own millionaire's vacation home. This ownership entitles you to all of the benefits of owning an turn-key second home, without the hassles. The Shores @ the ocean takes care of all the chores and owner requests. You just enjoy your vacations.

The secret ingredient to the success of The Shores at The Ocean's vacation homes is their high-end design and furnishings. Owners enjoy the custom furniture, hand made carvings, quality linens, and other accessories almost as much as they enjoy the views.

The Shores at The Ocean import their furniture from the best manufacturers around the country. The Shores at The Ocean's design company, Heritage Interiors, specializes in providing furnishings for maximum enjoyment and style.

Pacific Leisure Group, LLC offers "The Shores @ The Ocean" Fractional Ownership vacation properties on the Oregon Coast. Home of uncrowded beaches, forests, lakes, mountains and rivers.

These luxurious homes are prepared and sold "one home at a time." Pacific Leisure Group's team includes the proper mix of local, regional and national experience to assure owners of quality homes and superior care.
Lincoln City
Lincoln City