Meriwether Ranch

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Description: A mere 34 home sites have been reserved on Meriwether’s spacious 724 acres, guaranteeing generous helpings of peace, solitude, beautiful views, and lifestyle choice. Seventeen have been designated for custom-built homes, and seventeen are reserved for members of our Private Residence Club. Best of all, with three distinct ways to buy property, just about every avid outdoorsman can enjoy the hush of being a Meriwether Ranch homeowner. The price for each Riverfront Residence interest is currently $325,000.

To many of us, getting outdoors includes getting out for a little golf. And the Jack Nicklaus signature Old Works course at Anaconda is less than an hour away. For those who cherish a relaxing day just hanging around closer to home, there’s the swimming pool and massage room at Meriwether Lodge. And, of course, we make sure that every one of our fractional homes comes with a porch and a chair (we highly recommend them for custom homes, too), for those times the urge for a little kickin’-back is just too strong.
201 Cotton Willow Road
Great value, great place 

On 10 Jan 2010, wrote:
Meriwether Ranch is a WONDERFUL place to own and hang out. Can`t find better solitude and peacefulness in the U.S. than here. I am part of a group that owns two fractionals out here and it`s a wonderful deal. Highly recommended and the last place/ranch in Montana where you can build a home within 100ft. of a blue ribbon flyfishing stream (i.e. the Big Hole River). Dave and Emilie Ellingsen, who started Meriwether Ranch, are true conservationists as well and this is a jewel of a place that will be preserved forever without being overbuilt on.
It`s too bad bogus reviews as noted above with fictional people are allowed to be put online.

On 12 Mar 2009, norah russell wrote:
Lucky I found this website before my husband and I invested are retirement. I agree with Mr. Daniels! I would have to say this is just another glorified timeshare, Good Luck anglers!
interested member 

On 12 Feb 2009, River Daniels wrote:
Great brochure!Brought me all the way from New York to Montana. I probably should have read other reviews before I took this wild goose chase. As I know now, from other web reviews, definitely read the fine print. Not too impressed by the pressuring sales staff