HomeWaters Yellow Creek Fishing Camp

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Most vacation homes could be described as a medley of McMansions….a batch of big beautiful homes in the heart of ski or beach resorts or well-appointed apartments entrenched in the midst of a mighty Megapolis. In all these places you’ll find the pleasures of an over-developed world at your doorstep.

If that’s your idea of a vacation, God bless you.

If, however, you wish to escape the din of an over-franchised planet, of traffic-jammed cities and resorts……then Yellow Creek will fit your fancy.

Located at the base of Coot Hill Mountain, just up the crick from Cottles Corner (one hollow over from Sunny Side) you’ll find a simple cabin with the bare necessities……a living room with a woodburner, cozy kitchen, single bathroom, five single beds in the loft and a charcoal grill on the big deck overlooking the stream. Nothing cushy, just burgers, beans & beer.

But that’s OK, because you won’t be spending much time lounging around the cottage. Instead, you’ll wanna fish ‘til you puke….it’s THAT good (all right, maybe you’ll stop just short of hurling.)

Seriously, this is one of the best-kept secrets in the flyfishing world. You’ll have private access to nearly ten miles of pristine spring creeks that hold more ginormous brown and rainbow trout than you ever imagined. For the serious flyfishing enthusiast, there is not a better spot in the lower 48….just look at the photos.

Why is the fishing so good?

  1. Incredible Insect Populations – The trout feast daily in a veritable bug soup
  2. Limestone Spring Creeks that create a year-round growing environment for trout
  3. Limited Fishing Pressure – We strictly regulate the number of anglers each week
  4. Catch & Release – Put ‘em back and they grow bigger with each passing year
  5. Habitat Conservation – Instead of building big lodges along the streams, we’ve fixed the existing cabins that have been there for decades.
  6. Great Guides – Our guys have been flyfishing these waters an average of 30+ years….you gain an almost-unfair advantage, regardless of your current skill level.
  7. Best of all, Yellow Creek is a just a two-hour drive from Baltimore, Pittsburgh & Washington DC.

Life’s too short to spend your downtime inside stone and glass condos. Escape the rate race and immerse your heart and soul in cold, clear, trout-filled waters. Your cultured colleagues may not get it. So what? You’re cut from a different cloth.

One HomeWaters Club member reflects, “Many of my friends spend their spare time in places like Aspen, Newport and Palm Beach. It’s impossible to distinguish their vacation living from their work lives…..tee times, social engagements, deadlines and commitments. At Yellow Creek, time stands still for me. Hours slip seamlessly into days. I unplug and recharge. There’s nothing else like it.”

There’s nothing else like it.”

450 Forge Bottom Road
Destination Club Name: HomeWaters Club