This new independent advisory service helps consumers identify the most appropriate destination club, and then also helps secure the best membership terms available.

The founders and principals of this new consultancy firm helped establish Private Escapes, and helped grow it to become part of the second largest destination club – Ultimate Escapes.

Veras Group starts each new client engagement service with a “Get to know you”, allowing them to really understand a clients travel preferences. This includes gathering 45 data points including each client’s family, travel history, future travel plans, experiences-to-date in planning travel, destinations of interest, budget, typical trip length, preferred air carrier and many more items.

“Our mission is, simply, to serve our clients with integrity and make the process of buying a destination club membership as easy as traveling within one,” said Jim Pippin, founding partner and Managing Director of The Veras Group. “Our team has been involved in the destination club industry since its inception and we believe strongly in its importance and long-term success. We want to provide value to all of the industry’s clubs while making the education process easier for customers.”

As well as its industry experience, Veras is emphasizing its objectivity and will recommend the most appropriate club for the client based an analysis of the 30 critical decision factors that the group prepapres for each client.

Once the client has chosen a club, Veras will work to secure any potential modifications to the standard club terms. As we’ve noted before, some clubs will modify their terms and some won’t and many clubs frequently offer incentives to join, which can vary over time.

The Veras Group currently makes no charges to individual clients and instead receives compensation from the destination club, which the client ends up choosing.

It's a sign of both the size and growth of the destination club industry that firms like Veras Group are starting to appear. It's also a sign that joining a destination club is still a complex and major decision, and just like other large and complex decisions it can sometimes help to get some outside help.