Last year, luxury destination club Inspirato launched a new one-of-a-kind program – Inspirato Pass. The monthly subscription program offers unlimited access to all sorts of membership benefits, including exclusive vacation properties, hotel rooms, and custom travel experiences. SherpaReport checked in with Inspirato for an update on Inspirato Pass and to see what customers think.

The Program

Inspirato Pass members pay a monthly subscription fee of $2,500. That allows the member to have one active booking open at any time (Editorial update: members can now hold multiple reservations at once). Bookings can vary in length from two nights to two months. The member or their partner must be present at all bookings. However, those wishing to gift trips can pay an extra $500 per month for the sharing option; this allows friends, family, or colleagues to travel without the member being present. Further add-ons are available if a member wishes to have two bookings at any one time.

Members can visit the Inspirato Pass website to see what trips are available, and then can make a reservation on the spot. As soon as one trip is finished, they can plan the next (Editorial update: members can now hold multiple reservations at once).

Inspirato St Lucia, West Indies, Viceroy Sugar Beach

Love it! It’s all about being smart and mapping out your bookings if you are using it more than once a month! – Sherri Rees Dastjerdi, Inspirato passholder

Program Growth

Inspirato Pass was launched in July 2019 and has already received a lot of interest, thanks in part to a high-profile marketing campaign that includes television and online advertising. As a result, more than 2,000 people signed up during the first six months of the program. Meanwhile, the number of trips available to subscribers has more than doubled since the launch. As the time of writing, more than 120,000 trips are listed.

Have already done one trip to Cabo and doing an SF weekend. It is awesome! – Erika Demma, Inspirato passholder

How Members Are Traveling

As of January 2020, more than 6,000 reservations have been made. This amounts to a total of 23,600 nights. The most popular destinations include New York City, Vail, Los Cabos, and Miami, as well as the European cities of London, Paris, and Florence. An exclusive Inspirato Only cruise between Barcelona and Lisbon has proved to be the most popular experience so far.

Not surprisingly, new subscribers are keen to make the most of their membership, with the majority booking as soon as they join. Some immediately sign up for a quick weekend away to introduce them to Inspirato, while others have a high-value bucket-list vacation in mind and have been quick to seek out availability, even if it means waiting a few months before their first trip. Either way, passholders waste no time in seeing what Inspirato Pass has for them.

Furthermore, Inspirato told us that most members are booking another trip on the same day that they check out from their last vacation, following the advertised slogan of “Look, book, stay, repeat”.

Inspirato Whistler, BC, Chalet en Blanc

Passholder Feedback

Inspirato prides itself on providing members with a memorable trip in luxury accommodations, and the feedback from subscribers indicates that Inspirato Pass is continuing this high level of quality. The company boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 79, considered exceptional within the hospitality industry.

"Our trip values have far exceeded our monthly dues." – Chris Kordick Knickerbocker, Inspirato passholder

What’s Next?

As Inspirato Pass attracts more members, it continues to expand its list of offerings. The company says that it has a few new additions in the works, including local experiences, which will range from spa packages to golf lessons, designed to add value to membership even when passholders are not traveling.

The subscription membership model, that includes the cost of travel, is certainly novel in the destination club and luxury travel arena. Inspirato also offers its regular club membership, the model that it started out with. But under the club model, Inspirato now quotes this as a monthly subscription for the first year, and then an annual renewal fee of $3,800 in subsequent years. In this club model, you pay for each trip as you take it, rather than the cost of travel being included as in the full Inspirato Pass.