Ultimate Resort has just announced the availability of 60 luxury hotels in over 30 cities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Members of Ultimate Resorts two destination clubs can use their club membership days to stay at these hotels, as if they were using club properties.


The two destination clubs, Ultimate Resort with $1.5m homes and Ultimate Resort Elite with $3m homes, have over 100 properties in 26 destinations throughout the world. The homes are usually 2 bedroom residences in cities and 3 to 5 bedroom residences in beach, mountain and leisure locations.

With this new hotel partnership offering for their members, Ultimate Resort is able to provide accommodation in many new destinations. The hotels include the Westbury Mayfair and the St. James Club and Hotel in London, The Duke Hotel in Rome, The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort and the Hotel de Sers in Paris, One World Hotel in Malaysia (image above right), The Eton Hotel in Shanghai (image below right) and the StarWorld Hotel in Macau.


Plus, this hotel partnership arrangement provides the club with valuable data regarding member usage and member feedback. This will help them decide where to acquire additional club owned homes in the best and most desired resorts and destinations worldwide.

When we spoke to Ultimate Resort they confirmed that they are very much committed to buying their own homes in various locations, but they see this partnership as providing some immediate benefits to members who will be able to start making reservations in October.

BelleHavens announced a similar partnership with Stein Hotels a few months ago. This gives their members access to 11 different locations throughout Europe.