If you join the destination club Ultimate Resort in the next few months, you can now pay with your American Express card and receive double Membership Rewards® points.

Ultimate Maui Wailea Beach

As an example, if you join Ultimate Resort Elite - which provides members with access to $3.0m homes - as a 21 night Silver member, you would pay an initial membership fee of $300,000 and annual dues of $22,500. This would give you a total of 645,000 Membership Rewards points in your first year.

While in and of itself this is no reason to join Ultimate Resorts it is certainly a nice incentive, especially if you are thinking about joining before their price increase. For a detailed list of the pros and cons of joining a destination club, and an in depth set of due diligence questions to ask the clubs prior to joining, download our Guide to Destination Clubs.

American Express also has a partnership with Exclusive Resorts that offers various bonus miles at different times of the year. They also have an ongoing offer that lets you pay your initial membership fee and annual dues with your card and receive Membership Rewards® points.


(Image Ultimate Resort Maui)