With its successful acquisition of Tanner & Haley properties Ultimate Resort has introduced Ultimate Resort ELITE. Members in this club enjoy luxury homes with an average value of $3.5m. Approximately half of Ultimates overall 105 homes are part of the ELITE portfolio.

Ultimate is now the second largest destination club, with nearly 800 members in total, after 675 members of Tanner & Haley joined Ultimate following the acquisition at the end of 2006. The new ELITE club is made up of properties from the former Tanner & Haley "Distinctive Retreats" club. Both of the Ultimate destination clubs have 5 levels of membership, including a corporate membership. This provides a wide selection to fit a variety of usage requirements. Membership in the ELITE club starts at a membership fee of $200,000 and annual dues of $15,000 for 14 days of usage of its luxury private residences.

Ultimate is also in the process of rolling out "Smart Home" technology across all its properties. This will allow the homes to be more customized to individual members preferences on each of their vacations. This technology will include family pictures on the homes digital screens, lighting adjusted, heating and cooling adjusted, music selections adjusted to suit the members personal tastes and requirements.

Several of the destination clubs now offer more than one level of club including Private Escapes and Portofino in addition to Ultimate Resort.