Through a strategic partnership with Bruce World of Travel, part of the American Express Travel Network, destination club members, their families, and friends can book all commercial, personal, and business travel as well as luxury adventure vacations.

Ultimate Steamboat
Ultimate SteamBoat
Bruce Concierge Services will provide Ultimate Resort members with the chance to indulge their passions and provide unique trips and excursions, including private jets, safaris, cruises, yachts, and special events.

Bruce World of Travel specializes in worldwide travel, emphasizing an exceptional level of customer service. Bruce World of Travel is also a specialist in sourcing and providing once in a lifetime travel experiences, and will work with Ultimate Resort to create unique travel packages for Members.

Earlier this year the largest destination club, Exclusive Resorts, announced a series of "Once in a Lifetime" travel packages, and then expanded this program towards the end of last year.

Bruce World of Travel’s main duties will be to provide air, hotel, car rental, and pre-post tour reservations for Ultimate Resort Members. They will also be responsible for delivering the tickets, boarding passes, and other documents to Ultimate Resort Members.

In keeping with Ultimate Resort’s commitment to hassle-free luxury vacationing, Ultimate Resort members can start their vacation planning with their Member Services Specialist. If commercial travel reservations are required, the Member Services Specialists will connect the Member to Bruce World of Travel where seasoned travel professionals dedicated to Ultimate Resort will make the commercial travel bookings. Alternatively, Ultimate Members will have a dedicated toll free number to reach the Bruce World of Travel personnel.

Bruce World of Travel services will be available Monday through Friday, from 8:30am EST to 6pm EST; and Saturday, 10am EST to 2pm EST. In the event of emergencies that sometimes arise, Bruce World of Travel, through American Express, offers a 24 hour, 7 day emergency hotline. This service provides everything from emergency bookings and changes, to replacing lost or stolen tickets.

Ultimate Resort is close to finalizing its merger with Private Escapes to form Ultimate Escapes, which will be the second largest destination club.