A High Country Club member recently sent us a review of the clubs Maui home. This 1,700 word report covers all aspects of the home, including the location, the residence, the decor and the amenities.

Doug, the member who sent in this review also sent us a review of the High Country Breckenridge home, earlier in the year. The full review of the Maui home is available on the homes profile page.

Dougs summary is "This property is the perfect home base for all the sun, snorkeling, shopping, surfing, sailing, and sightseeing that South Maui has to offer." "The location is great, the furnishings are outstanding and the lanai is perfect."

If you're a member of a destination club you can now add a review of any of the clubs homes. All the homes are listed by location, with some of the most popular locations including:

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