Quintess, the luxury destination club, recently announced increased pricing and at the same time changed its individual membership plans into broader family plans.

Quintess Scotland
Quintess Scotland

The club has always allowed members parents and members children over 25 to use the clubs 55 homes on an unaccompanied basis. Now the club is opening up the membership so that the brothers, sisters and in-laws of members can also be listed in the membership plan and so can use the homes. Members have the ability to add up to nine members of their immediate family as designees depending on their individual plan. The designees can also be changed each year, meaning members with large families can give vacation time to different people in different years.

Quintess also offers Group or Corporate memberships in which five total individuals of any relationship can be named as designees on a membership plan.

Under both individual and group plans, further additional designees may be added to a membership through a $25,000 per designee increase to the refundable membership deposit.

The clubs new membership prices are shown in the table below. These represent about a 5%-6% increase over the previous prices.

  Holiday Use Non Holiday Use
  Initial Deposit Annual Dues Initial Deposit Annual Dues
 Individual Plans
  Unlimited Membership - 60 Night Plan  $790,000  $55,000  $630,000  $55,000
  Unlimited Membership - 45 Night Plan  $590,000  $42,750  $510,000  $42,750
  Premium Unlimited Membership (30 nights)  $395,000  $27,500  $315,000  $27,000
  Affiliate Membership (15 nights)  $225,000  $15,250  $195,000  $15,250
 Group Plans
  Group Membership - 60 Nights **  $650,000  $42,750  $525,000  $42,750
  Group Membership - 45 Nights **  $445,000  $27,500  $365,000  $27,500

** The 60 and 45 night Group membership plans provide 45 and 30 nights respectively, and then offer up to an additional 15 nights at $1,250 per night.

The ability to effectively share a membership with your extended family is a nice membership benefit. As you look at joining a destination club one of the questions you should ask is who can use the properties, since different clubs have different rules. If you're seriously interested in joining a destination club you can download our free guide for prospective members.