The luxury vacation club Quintess, LRW has just changed its membership plans. The new plan structures bring it more into line with other clubs and should make it easier to compare Quintess to the other clubs.

Beaver Creek Home

With the new published membership plans, Quintess is simplifying this structure. All the main new plans now have holiday reservations included. The number of holiday reservations that you can make varies with the level of your membership as shown in the table below. The club still offers "Non-Holiday" plans, but does not publish these because as noted above most new members were opting for the Holiday plans.

"We regularly review our membership plans based on input from our members and a review of the market. The new Quintess memberships build on a strong foundation of exceptional availability, fair and flexible reservation policies designed to enable members to take full advantage of their plans, and the best values among luxury destination clubs", says Ben Addoms, Quintess, LRW Founder and Executive Vice President.

Members can also make an unlimited number of regular reservations, although in most cases these are subject to the 3 night minimum reservation period (as we discussed in our recent Destination Clubs Minimum Nights article). The "Total Included Nights" (see table below) for each plan is made up of a number of advanced reservation nights and a number of space available nights, for instance for the Q3 plan there are 21 advanced reservation and 9 space available, for the Q5 plan the split is 30 and 20.

 Membership Deposit $325,000 $410,000 $612,500 $820,000
 Annual Dues $26,500 $38,500 $50,250 $66,500
 Total Included Nights 30 50 60 75
 Number of Reservations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
 Holiday Reservations 1 2 3 5
 Additional Nights $1,750/night $1,250/night $1,250/night $1,250/night

Two features of the Quintess membership structure that we really like are:
Simultaneous use - members can reserve multiple houses at once. This can be good, for instance, if the girls are planning a spa weekend while the guys take a weekends golf or if you are planning a large family reunion and need to reserve two homes in one place.
Extended family reservations - all the plans include the ability to add up to eight members of your extended family as designees, who can stay at the homes without the member being present. Extended family members include parents, in-laws, adult children 25 years or older and siblings. (Other destination clubs also have various rules for unaccompanied family use of club homes)

Note that Quintess, like many of the clubs, also offers corporate plans that can be shared amongst company employees or business partners. It also offers other family plans that can be customized for members.

(Image is the Quintess Beaver Creek Home)