Effective yesterday Quintess adjusted the initial fees for its membership plans. For most plans this meant increases, although one of the non-holiday plans was adjusted downwards.

Quintess offers two types of plans - ones that include peak holiday time reservations and ones that are only non peak reservations. If you know that you don't want to travel with the club during holiday times, the non-holiday plans offer a lower prices alternative.

Some examples of the new plan levels for the Holiday plans:

  Q3 Q5 Q6 Q7
 Membership Deposit $336,500 $450,000 $635,000 $895,000
 Total Nights 30 50 60 70
 Annual Dues $26,500 $38,500 $50,250 $66,500

Quintess Tuscany Patio

Quintess is continuing the overall trend amongst destination clubs to raise both their initial fees and their annual dues. Lusso, High Country, Distinctive and others have raised prices this year, with Exclusive Resorts announcing an increase to take effect from August 30th.