Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee $0
 Annual Dues (highest)$99,900
 # Nights (highest)45
 % Membership RefundableNA
 Refund BasisNA
 # of homes450
 # of locations30
 Average Value $3,000,000
 Members per HomeNA
 Number members90+
 % Homes owned0%



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One Key started in 2006, but in January 2009 announced it was closing operations due to the economy.

This luxury travel club had a different model to the destination clubs in that it didn''t own any of its homes. This means that members did not need to pay a large initial membership fee (which the other clubs use to buy their homes). Instead the club operated similar to a prepaid jet card, so members bought an initial membership level which gives them a certain number of points (called "One Key Nights"). The club then provides access to a variety of homes which have different points values depending on season, location, size and amenities of the home.

The club also provided various pre-trip and during trip services and amenities for its members.

The club had three membership levels:

  •   45 One Key nights for $99,900
  •   25 One Key nights for $59,900
  •   15 One Key nights for $39,900

Members could use their points over any time period and unused points did not expire.

The club was headquartered in Mansfield, MA.

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