The Markers Club, a luxury destination club for golf purists, has just announced two trial preview membership plans.

Markers Las Vegas
Markers Las Vegas Patio

The Markers Club provides its members with access to ten $2m homes, which are either right on or near to legendary golf courses. Members also receive complimentary golf during each stay, VIP private lessons, tickets for PGA events, golf with PGA Professionals and playing privileges at 200 private courses across the country. Regular full membership in the club has an initial fee of $285,000 and annual dues of $14,500, the initial fee is 90% refundable should a member leave. Members can reserve 21 advance days a year at the clubs homes and have unlimited use of the homes on a space available (within 60 days of travel) basis.

The new preview memberships are:
* The 12-month preview includes 21 days of advance reservation and 35 days of space available use. The price for this trial membership is $18,500.
* The 6-month preview includes 11 days of advance reservation and 20 days of space available use. The price for this trial membership is $10,500.
And neither of these preview memberships have an initial deposit. At four months, preview members may elect to convert to full membership status and enjoy a $20,000 discount and 3 months of extended payment terms.

The cost per night for the 12 month trial plan is just $881 if you use all 21 days of advance reservations and if you use all the 21 advance days and the 35 space available days it drops to just $330 per night. For the 6 month plan the cost per night is $955 if you use the 11 days and just $339 using both the advance and space available days. In both cases the cost per night drops if you also use some of the space available nights.

If your schedule allows you to make full use of the days in these preview plans, the plans are an incredibly good deal, especially if you're an avid golfer who will also enjoy all the other amenities and services that the club offers.

Many of the other destination clubs offer membership plans that give their members 14 or 15 nights of usage per year, and High Country Club announced a 12 month trial membership earlier this year. While all the clubs offer some level of access to golf courses The Markers is the only club that is so focused on golfing enthusiasts.