Destination club M Private Residences has partnered with Seekda to provide its members with a curated portfolio of certified and professionally managed exclusive vacation homes, villas and hotels. This provides members with even more vacation options around the globe.

Oia Santorini Greece

M Private Residences has hand-selected 175 outstanding properties based on member interest and aspirations. Members now have access to luxury private accommodations across the Americas (including NYC, Miami, Orlando, Telluride and Park City), Europe (including London, Berlin, Paris, Florence, Tuscany and Rome), the Caribbean and Costa Rica.

“The quality and choice of properties within our M Villa Collection coupled with our current portfolio, investment opportunity and other amazing member benefits and services is perfect for our Members,” said Garry Leitch, VP of Sales and Marketing for M, adding, “along with the already impressive selection of homes our Club members own, members now have the advantage to access some pretty incredible homes and destinations around the world. We’re very excited to announce the new M Villa Collection.”

big island Hawaii

The M Private members can reserve these new residences by simply logging into the M website and choosing the places they want to visit.

"Each home has been carefully vetted and approved by our team; no surprises or disappointments or endless hours searching the internet. We've done the work to identify the homes most comparable to our own standards, in destinations our members most want to visit," added Garry Leitch.

M Private Residences is a Canadian based equity destination club where members own the portfolio of homes that the company invests in. Over 92% of a member’s capital contribution is utilized to purchase these homes. They are located in multiple destinations and are used by members only, for their enjoyment and investment potential. Membership investment is offered to individuals worldwide, with the current members being mainly from Canada and the USA.