Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee (range) $145,000-$550,000
 Annual Dues (range) $10,000-$23,000
 # Nights 21-56
 % Membership Refundable Equity
 Refund Basis Equity
 # of homes 40
 # of locations 32
 Average Value $1.2m+
 Members per Home 5:1
 Number members 270
 Founded 2007
 % Homes owned 100%


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Luxus Vacation Properties is an investment partnership or equity destination club which manages a series of investment funds. The funds are open to accredited investors resident in Western Canada. The initial fund, called the Premiere Fund, sold out in 2013 and has 31 properties with an average value of $1.2m. It has also launched an Elite Collection for higher end homes with an average value of $2.8m.

The current homes are located throughout North America and include residences in New York, Orlando, Hawaii, Cabo san Lucas, Mexico, and Canmore, Alberta.

The Premiere Collection has three investment levels, which offer different levels of usage. All the figures in the table above are shown in Canadian $. The fund plans to sell all the homes in each fund after 11 years and return 75% of the appreciation to members.

The club is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta.

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