The LUSSO Collection is the latest destination club to announce a price increase this summer.

Lusso Deer Valley

On September 15, the initial membership deposit will increase to $395,000 (currently $375,000). The club provides its members with unlimited usage of its $3m homes and also provides a luxury vehicle at most of the homes. It has seen 100 percent growth in its membership thus far in 2007 and will shortly be passing the 100 member milestone.

With this growth, LUSSO Collection, will be announcing their next three new destinations within the next few weeks to add to their current portfolio of 20 homes in 12 locations. They are planning to have 50 homes in 20 locations by the end of 2008. In 2009 they plan to round out their range of beach, ski, metropolitan and lifestyle destinations (close to 30) and the last of their 100 properties are slated for the following year.

The other clubs that have announced price increases include Ultimate Resort, Quintess, BelleHavens, Exclusive Resorts and High Country Club.

Each of these clubs has seen an increase in both members and the number of homes that they offer this year. Together with the price increases this looks like a sign of strength for these clubs. If you're loooking to join a club or want to join ahead of the LUSSO increase then start by downloading our in-depth guide to destination clubs.

(Image is Lusso home in Deer Valley, Utah)