Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee   $82,500-$185,000
 Annual Dues   $7,500-$15,000
 # Nights (range) 14-42
 % Membership Refundable 100%: plus 90% appreciaition
 Refund Basis equity: 7 year term
 # of homes 6
 # of locations 6
 Average Value $1,500,000+
 Members per Home 8:1
 Number members NA
 Founded 2010
 % Homes owned 100%


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Lifestyle Asset Group builds LLC's of 50 investors who collectively own, debt-free, 6 residences with an average value of $1.5+ million. Lifestyle Asset Group purchases the collection of residences on behalf of the group then serves as the management company, enabling travel and maintaining the residences for the equity owners. At the end of the groups 7 year term, Lifestyle Asset Group will sell the residences and disburse the proceeds, including 90% of any real estate appreciaition, to the equity owners.

Equity owners have the option of joining unique regions -- currently AtlanticOne (East coast) and PacificOne (West coast) -- that include a mix of beach, leisure, metropolitan and mountain locations. AtlanticOne destinations will include: Miami, FL; New York City, NY; Outer Banks, NC; Seabrook Island, SC; St. John, USVI and the Turks and Caicos Islands. PacificOne destinations include: Carmel, CA; Lake Tahoe, CA; Los Cabos, Mexico; Maui, HI; Palm Springs, CA; San Diego, CA. LLC Owners also enjoy reciprocal travel rights to other Lifestyle Asset Group-managed LLCs, giving them a nation-wide travel footprint.

The club uses a points system for member travel. Full Share LLC owners receive 4,000 credits per year in exchange for $15,000 in total annual fees, which includes all property management fees. Based on this model, full share LLC owners can expect between 30 and 42 nights of vacation a year. Half share LLC owners receive 2,000 travel points annually, for $7,500 in total annual fees and can expect between 14 – 21 nights per year. Hybrid LLC owners receive a half share in both AtlanticOne and PacificOne, and have the same total annual fees ($15,000) and travel points (4,000) as full share LLC owners.

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