Aviation company Wheels Up and destination club Inspirato recently announced that they are joining forces to bring a range of new benefits to their respective members. Members of each program will be able to enjoy services from the other, combining luxurious holiday destinations with a relaxing way of getting there.

Both individual and corporate Wheels Up members now receive a free one-year Key or Executive membership with Inspirato. This provides access to the company’s collection of more than 750 luxury vacation homes around the world, and includes $500 in special perks available during the first reservation. Inspirato destinations include the Cayman Islands, Greece, Lake Tahoe, British Columbia, Napa Valley, Prague, and Beijing, to name just a few. After the first year, members can continue for annual dues only, without paying the initial membership fee.

Inspirato Punta Cana

Wheels Up members will also gain access to a new program called Hot Nights, which offers specific Inspirato properties at fixed dates for special discount prices. Members will be able to take advantage of these by booking directly through the Wheels Up app.

Calling Inspirato the “clear leader in their space”, Wheels Up founder and CEO Kenny Dichter describes them the “perfect partner to join our lifestyle brand platform.” He adds, “From wheels up to wheels down, we are always innovating and working to add value for our Wheels Up members.”

Meanwhile, Inspirato members will benefit from a similar range of new benefits, with travel opportunities from Wheels Up. These benefits are being rolled out over the next few weeks. Brent Handler, Inspirato CEO, says, “Together, Inspirato and Wheels Up bring members the best of both worlds: the perfect way to fly, combined with the perfect places to stay.”

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Both companies say that they will announce further joint benefits throughout 2017.

Interestingly, both companies are also currently offering new members a Peloton bike, as well as a one-year subscription to the extensive library of live and on-demand Peloton classes. So whether you join Wheels Up or Inspirato, you can get this special offer for in home cycling and spin classes.

Additional news to watch for in 2017 is the planned launch of Wheels Up in Europe. Dichter says that the service will launch with 10-12 aircraft. By 2020, the company hopes to be operating as many as 250 planes with a membership that has tripled to 9,000.