The semi-tropical, barrier island off the South Carolina coast is home to the newest Equity Estates residence.

The House from the Beach
The house from the beach

“This is an ideal time to be building our portfolio of residences for financial gain as luxury real estate is at bargain prices in many locations,” said Adam Capes, president and managing member of Equity Estates. “Our new properties in Telluride and Hilton Head are sure to become owner member favorites and we look forward to adding additional residences in unique locations in the coming months.”

Located right on the beach with views over the Atlantic, the residence features a gourmet kitchen and an airy floor plan, perfect for summer escapes. This 4,400 square feet, 5 bedroom, 5 bath (plus two half baths) oceanfront residence also features a private pool, three sitting decks, three fireplaces, distressed hardwood floors and a wet bar. In addition to the gourmet kitchen, the residence boasts a second floor kitchenette as well as flat-screen TVs throughout.

Hilton Head Island offers a variety of activities including quaint shopping and dining districts with more than 250 restaurants, superb golf on any of 24 courses, 50 miles of public biking and walking trails and peaceful beaches as far as the eye can see. The residence itself faces three miles of beach for serenity and seclusion. The Hilton Head residence became available to Equity Estates owner members on April 1.

View from the deck
View from the deck

“Coming into 2009 following our best quarter on record, we are facing the most favorable market conditions in a very long time to aggressively expand our portfolio,” said Philip Mekelburg, CEO and managing member of Equity Estates. “Our due diligence and conservative approach has served us well thus far and will continue to do so in the coming year.”

Equity Estates has its eye on several other destinations for additions to its portfolio including Tuscany, Buenos Aires, California, the Blue Ridge Mountains and a second residence in New York City. On average, Equity Estates’ residences are valued at $3 million. When I spoke to Philip he’d just come back from a trip to Italy, where he looked at potential homes in Florence and Tuscany for future additions to the funds portfolio.