The two destination clubs have both announced price increases in the last two days. Both sets of increases become effective in November.

The clubs are at opposite ends of the destination club industry. High Country Club provides its members with access to a portfolio of 33 properties with an average value of $850k. While Solstice offers 13 artisanal homes and a boat with an average value of $6.5m. The new pricing for each club is summarized in the tables below.

 High Country Companion Associate Affiliate Private
 Membership Fee $25,000 $40,000 $50,000 $70,000
 Annual Dues $2,100 $4,300 $6,600 $9,000
Nights of Use 7 15 25 35

High Country Club members who exceed their nights of use may reserve the homes on a “space available" basis, up to 30 days in advance for a $250 per night fee.

 Solstice Signature Platinum Sky
 Membership Fee $615,000 $975,000 $1,950,000
 Annual Dues $26,250 $42,000 $68,000
Advanced Reservations 14 28 56

Solstice members may have unlimited use of the clubs homes on a space available basis for no additional fee. The Club's $1.95 million Sky Memberships are currently on a waiting list.

Both of the clubs have grown rapidly over the last year, and both have seen a large number of new members come from member referrals. Solstice experienced record growth over the summer with expansion of its membership deposit base by more than 24%. "With three-quarters of new Solstice members coming from direct referrals since the beginning of the year, member satisfaction is high and confirms the demand for our combination of artisanal homes paired with personalized services," commented Tim Wolff, chairman of Solstice.

High Country Club also announced some changes to its membership plans, giving members more flexibility. Up until now High Country Club members could only make seven- day advanced reservations, but members will now be able to make three-day or four-day reservations up to one year in advance. The number of restricted holidays will be reduced.


For a comparison to the other destination clubs start with the compare destination clubs table, and if you're looking to join one of the clubs download our comprehensive 60 page Guide to Destination Clubs. The Guide walks through all the services and amenities that the clubs offer, compares the clubs in a variety of ways and gives you a series of questions to walk through to see if a club is right for you and your family.