In a continuing trend amongst destination clubs, High Country Club is raising both its Initial Membership fees and its Annual Dues for all its membership plans. The new prices are effective from 1st June 2008.

High Country Club has a portfolio of 35 homes around the world that are available solely to its 325 members. Other destination clubs that offer homes with an average value of around $1m include the Signature level club of Ultimate Escapes (currently being formed from the merger of Ultimate Resort and Private Escapes).

The new prices for High Country are shown in the table below, with the current prices through May 31st shown in ( ).

 Membership Fee$30,000
 Annual Dues$2,300
 Included Days7152535
 Advanced Reservations1112
 Holiday Reservations0011

Most of the destination clubs had one or more prices increases last year and this trend has continued this year, with Lusso and Ultimate Escapes already announcing higher prices.