New apartments in Dubai and Paris have just been added to The Hideaways Club's City Collection portfolio. Hideaways recently introduced a Founder Member Hybrid Share whereby people can invest in both the City Collection and the Classic Collection at a considerable saving on individual fund membership.

Hideaways Apartment Barcelona

The Hideaways Club launched its City Collection earlier this year. The new fund invests in fully serviced apartments in some of the most vibrant and glamorous cities around the world. The homes are typically 2 bedroom apartments located close to the city centers.

Dubai Apartment

This luxury two bedroom, two bathroom property is located in downtown Dubai overlooking the world's tallest building, the Burg Khalifa and the stunning Dubai Fountain. Situated within the 5 Star The Address Hotel, Hideaways members have the benefit of being able to use all the hotels facilities including a swimming pool, and enjoy proximity to a huge variety of shops and restaurants. Within minutes of the golden beaches of Dubai, this apartment makes the perfect base for those visiting the city and for those wanting to explore the surrounding desert.

Paris Apartment

Opening this month, the Paris apartment is located on the Rue de Cerisoles within the 8th Arrondissement in 'The Golden Triangle'. This two en-suite bedroom apartment is centrally situated between the Champs Elysees and Avenue George V and is ideal for excellent shopping, theatres, great restaurants and sites of historical interest.

Other recent additions to the City Collection include a two ensuite bedroom penthouse in Times Square, New York, and a spacious three bedroom apartment in the Opera district of Vienna. Apartments currently available for use are as diversified as Miami and Bangkok to London and Singapore. During the remainder of this year further apartments will be acquired in Rome, Prague, Istanbul and Berlin.

"We're coming up to 50 members in the City Collection" noted Stephen Wise co-founder of the club, "this is more than double the pace of members joining, compared to when we launched the Classic Collection."

For members who want to enjoy both the villas in the Classic Collection and the apartments in the City Collection, the club is offering savings of £10,000 on the overall entry cost. There are a number of variations of a Hybrid Share as there are three share types on offer in the Classic Collection and two share types in the City Collection respectively, all of which carry the £10,000 saving.

"The Hybrid Share was a logical progression for the company in view of the amount of requests from both members and prospects. When we launched the City Collection there was huge interest in this Fund which resulted in us offering the incentive for people to join both Funds at the same time. This is proving to be a very popular option," said Stephen Wise.

Hybrid membership fees for both Funds start at £187,500 giving two to four weeks exclusive usage in villas and chalets and 12 nights in city apartments, to £360,000 giving four to eight weeks in villas and chalets and 23 nights in any apartment.