High Country Club, one of the lowest priced destination clubs, has recently announced a new Associate membership level. For an initial membership fee of $30,000 and annual dues of $3,500, members can use the clubs properties for up to 15 nights a year.


High Country has 26 residences in 23 destinations with an average home value of $850,000. The homes are usually 2 to 4 bedroom properties with an average of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and usually sleep 8 comfortably. Most of the homes are in the US but there are also homes in the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Italy. As with other destination clubs, High Country provides concierge services and travel planning assistance for its members as part of their membership. The Clubs concierges can stock refrigerators, arrange tee times or have your rental skis brought to your home before your arrival.

On a cost per night basis this new membership fee works out to approximately $432 per night if you use all 15 nights, or, if you stayed at one of High Country's 3 bedroom properties it's equivalent to about $144 per bedroom per night. (Note we've assumed a cost of capital of 6% and a 10 year membership for this calculation - please contact us if you'd like more details on how we did the calculation.) The initial membership fee is 80% refundable on resignation from the club, and we've taken this into account in the above calculation.

Tuscany Home

High Country Club is growing rapidly adding 12-15 members a month, it passed the 200 member mark earlier this year and now has over 220 members.

Images courtesy of High Country Club. Upper image is the Breckenridge home, lower image is the Tuscany home.